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Rapid Fire

We don’t just have our own events here at Bristol Independent Gaming! Check out the spectacular scenery the Rapid Fire guys brought with them for their day of gaming on Will’s Wargames Blog! If you have a group you can hire our tables or just the space for small fee, contact Jim at B-I-G for details!


Bristol X-wing

A fun filled day of X-Wing, food, a rather hard quiz and some Imperial assault! If you missed out on this fun filled day of gaming don’t worry join us for some X-Wing at our monthly mini tournament! Or join us on the second Friday of the month for some board games!

Call to War 2015!!

wargaming bristol

A brilliant fantasy event!

The food provided by Kay was brilliant, the Bar-B-Que was a feast! Many thanks to Will and Nicola for bringing such an EPIC event to us at B-I-G, the event was well run and enjoyed by all of us at B-I-G! We are looking forward to Will’s next event here ‘Brother’s in Arms‘ on the 9th, 10th and 11th of October!



 The Bristol Warmachine Bash!!

Bristol warmachine

Another good turn out for Warmahordes, good to see some new faces up from Newport! However no sign of the the other Welsh Boys and  Girls…could it be that they are too scared to face the MIGHTY JUN on his home ground?

Maybe they will be brave enough to compete in the next Tides event on the 14th of June?

Bolt Action Spring Tides!

 BOLT ACTION BristolA small but dedicated turn out for our Easter day Bolt Action Spring Tides! Bolt Action practice every Thursday at B-I-G come and join us and get some practice in for our Summer Tides!

Warmahordes Spring Tides!

warmahordes spring winner Bristol Independent Gaming

We had fun at this event! This was only the second in our 4 event Tides series! Sign up for Warmahordes Summer Tides through the forum!

Infinity Fun Day

infinity bristol independent gaming

Click me for Infinity Fun Day Photos!

If you enjoyed the Infinity fun day why not sign up for the Infinity Tournament on the 11th of April!

Warhammer Fantasy Spring Tides!

Warhammer Fantasy at Bristol Independent gaming

Click on the Victorious one for event photos.

Enjoyed the Tournament? why not join us for Warhammer Fantasy Tuesday!


X-Wing Store Championship!

x-wing at Bristol Independent Gaming

Click on the Rather Studious Looking Chap for Photos of B-I-G’s X-Wing House Championship. 01/03/2015

Have you noticed there is an X-Wing tournament on the 3rd Friday of EVERY month at B-I-G?

Gertfaux- Our first B-I-G Malifaux event!

Gertfaux-Malifaux at Bristol Independent Gaming

Click on the Man in the Hat for Photos of Gertfaux 28/02/2015

For a brilliantly entertaining battle report from the day check out!