The 8th Army

13th August 2015

I decided to enter the Bolt Action Welsh Open taking place at Firestorm Games at the end of September. This has spurred me on to get my 8th painted so without further ado here is my progress so far.

Artizan SAS Be my Valentine Bedford OY Crusaders Rats Warlord Armoured Car


So from top to bottom we have:

  1. Artizan SAS
  2. A Warlord Games Valentine
  3. A Warlord Games Bedford OY Truck
  4. Two Warlord Games Crusader mkII’s
  5. Some Perry Miniatures Desert Rats
  6. A Warlord Games Daimler Armoured Car

As you can see entering the event has certainly motivated me to paint (even if it is mostly fun vehicle type stuff).

I will update again when I have more progress including the display board.

20th August 2015

Another week and I have made some progress.

I have finished the second unit of Artizan SAS :

2nd SAS 1 2nd SAS 2 2nd SAS 3

To go along with the army I am also making some bits of scenery and objective markers. In the back ground of the pictures you can see some of the barbed wire fencing I have built and a Western Desert themed sign post that is the first of the objective markers to be finished.

The reason I have not been quite as productive as I hoped is because I visited the wonderful ‘Bovington Tank Museum‘ on Tuesday. It really is a great place to inspire a Bolt Action force and below is a picture of the tank that inspired this very army.

Bovington Crusader