Tuesday Meet-up Recap 28/2/23

We’re back with another weekly blog post and for this one, we will be talking about new players showing up to the meetup, my current paint project, and a look ahead to this weekend’s doubles tournament that I’ll be attending.




Another Tuesday passed and another meet-up was graced with some new players who weren’t so new but returning after some time away from the game. We had our regulars Jason and Alex on hand to give them both a game and the armies all looked great. Jason rocked up with the wolves of Isengard while his opponent was fielding the legions of Mordor. Alex on the other hand ran Mordor with the troll chieftain and his opponent fielded Minas Tirith with Faramir and Madril.




While I was present for how the games went, I was noticing a lot of laughs and good times and that was great to see when its returning players came back to middle earth! I did get to see the lovely new Faramir model painted up by one of our returning players! Sadly, he called combat and had to spend another might to win it, unfortunately, he whiffed to kill. Denethor may have been right after all!



This weekend I’m off to an 800 pts doubles tournament in Bristol, this will be a 2-day tournament where both I and Elliot will be running a split force of full Minas Tirith. I have been running Minas Tirith for most of the year and have been enjoying them! I haven’t however, ran them at this point's value which meant I didn’t have a full force painted for this scale that I would be happy with. So I had to return to the paint desk and get to work! I normally can paint up my Minas Tirith to a relatively fast time, however, I spent most of my week procrastinating over how I was going to freehand Boromir’s banner again. I did a nice job for the foot model, but recent tournaments have shown that when he comes up against a hero on a horse he can struggle. That clearly meant it was time to get his model on horse painted up!




Here is how he looked when finished, for the most part, I was pleased with the tree detail and opted to run thinner banner lines compared to the foot model. It took roughly two days to finish and all that remains now is to base him and he’s good to go!




Another model I had to paint up was Madril, who recently received a lovely new sculpt cutesy of the Battle of Osgilath box set! I didn’t worry too much about painting him since I decided to match him up to the rest of the rangers for my force. I added his signature head wound that he was shown on the back of the box.


 Besides the heroes, I still need to finish off my warriors of minas Tirith and some citadel Guard. I also have in the works a display board that I’m trying my best to get done for this weekend. Perhaps we may even get the best paint out of it!


Check back next week when we recap another meetup and a breakdown of the tournament, perhaps we’ll have a trophy to show off then!

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