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Armed with guardian salvo launchers and a destroyer pulse, the Guardian Drones will provide your party with a real challenge – what else did you expect for your final quest? Ascension comes with two Guardian Drone models, which you can assemble either launching a Hover Drone* or with nothing in its manipulator limbs.

As with all of the other Blackstone Fortress models, the Guardian Drones have rules for Warhammer 40,000 They also make an incredible base for conversions – we reckon we’ll be seeing these in a bunch of kitbashes in the near-future.

The Guardian Drones also continue the trend of Blackstone Fortress models exploring some of the lesser-seen corners of the 41st Millennium. They join the Ambull, the Zoat, and Espern Locarno, the Imperial Navigator, as strange and unusual beings from the grim darkness of the future.