Blood Bowl-Sunday Sevens -September

Blood Bowl-Sunday Sevens -September

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Blood Bowl-Sevens Night

sunday 26th September

Full Rules Pack Link

Bristol Blood bowl Facebook group Link

General Information

Address: BIG, 16 Cater rd, Bristol, BS13 7TW 


Although walk-ups will be accommodated where social distancing restrictions allow please try and buy ticket your ticket by 5pm on the day to allow tournament set-up.


If possible, please submit rosters the day before for checking. Send to

Team Build

Any race from main BB2020 rule book or GW Teams of Legend pdf allowed.

Teams to be as per Death Zone pages 90-97, in summary:

· 600cp to Spend

· 7-11 Players

· 0-4 Positions (also limited by team positional access i.e. 2 Wardancers or 4 Gutterrunners max)


Inducements allowed are those on Pg93 of DZ rules PLUS · Team Mascot: Page 39 of DZ – 30cp · Cheap Thrills: One additional Dedicated Fan may be purchased for 10cp before additional dedicated fans revert to the 20cp price · Little Brown Envelope: 0-1 available, Cost 5gc; a ‘Little Brown Envelope’ can be used during an ‘Argue the Call’ check if a result of 1 is rolled, when Little Brown Envelope is used this result may be rerolled. Skills Before each match, once you know your opponent. A single player on your team may be given a Primary skill of your choice or a random generated Secondary skill as described on page 71 of BB2020. No player may gain more than 1 skill in this manner. Skills award this way will be carried over between match i.e. they don’t re-set like injuries. No other SPP related skills will be added. Tournament Structure Resurrection Tournament (teams re-set after each match with exception of the added skills) 3 Games - 2pts for a Win, 1 for Draw, 0 for a loss No requirement to have a painted team but it’s nice. Matches to be called after 1hr 15mins (please aim for an hour) Tie Breaks · Head to Head result · Combined Net TD + Net CAS · Td For · Cas For · 1 player vs 1 player, Single Drive, first to score wins.


Start time: 13:00 

End time:17:00