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Clash of Spears-Carthaginian Box Set

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COSBOX01 - Carthaginian Box Set


Founded in 812 BC Carthage has been a major power in the Mediterranean for centuries. Carthage’s army is a melting pot of different peoples and fighting styles. From Numidian skirmishers to Iberian guerrilla infantry, a Carthaginian leader has many different tools to surprise and outwit his opponent.  But its core of mercenary veterans ensures that a Carthaginian force can also push through by sheer strength, when necessary. So choose your forces wisely and uphold the glory of Carthage!

Contains 39 foot figures and 6 mounted figures. All 28mm, unpainted plastic miniatures. Supplied by Victrix.

Flags and Hard and fast rules are not included, Victrix have not yet updated their packaging to reflect this. Image for illustrative purposes only, packaging may vary