Clash of Spears-Gallic Warband Box Set

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COSBOX02 - Gallic Warband Box Set


By the 4th century BC, the Celtic tribes that had originated in central Europe had greatly expanded having reached Spain, France and even crossed the Alps into Italy. As avid fighters Gauls formed part of most conflicts in the Mediterranean, either directly or a s eager mercenaries.

A Gallic warband relies first and foremost on the courage and ferociousness of its warriors, especially its Noble cast that is willing to lead the warband into the fray. Few can withstand the Gallic charge but a Gallic chieftain must be careful as his men can also tire quickly and become vulnerable if their impetus is spent. A strong Noble cavalry though, can be the perfect relief force to ensure that the warband gets a respite when needed. So Chieftain, lead your men forward...for Plunder and Glory!

Contains 39 foot figures and 6 mounted figures. All miniatures are 28mm sized, made of plastic and supplied unpainted. Figures supplied by Victrix.

Flags and Hard and fast rules are not included, Victrix have not yet updated their packaging to reflect this. Image for illustrative purposes only, packaging may vary