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Clash of Spears-Roman Warband Box Set

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COSBOX03 - Roman Republic Boxed Set

 In the 4th century BC the Rome has gained its independence and is now expanding to challenge both Greece and Carthage for hegemony over the Mediterranean sea.
Rome's citizen army is anchored on its strong and versatile heavy infantry. Experienced Velites lead the way with javelin harassment while Hastati and Principes provide Rome with a strong offensive force that can break through any line. Finally the Triari, armed with thrusting spear and heavily armored, provide a veteran reserve that can always be relied on. Rome also uses italian allies that specialize in guerilla tactics and can provide a nasty surprise to unsuspecting opponents. So gather up your men Roman and uphold the Republic! 

Contains 46 foot figures and 4 mounted figures. All 28mm, unpainted plastic miniatures. Supplied by Victrix.

Flags and Hard and fast rules are not included, Victrix have not yet updated their packaging to reflect this. Image for illustrative purposes only, packaging may vary