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Combined Army

Starter Pack

Here's a 'how to play' video for anyone who has an interest playing Infinity but hasn't yet dived in. Please let us know here if you fancy a demo or learning game - no miniatures of your own are required

The Combined Army is the instrument of conquest of the Evolved Intelligence, the tool to fulfill by force its ultimate ambition: the Transcendence to a higher evolutionary plane. The Combined Army draws its forces from some of the most dangerous species in its cosmic domain, but the core is composed of the most trustworthy units, the Ur Hegemonic Wave. This includes the always reliable and loyal Batroids, cold REM troopers, and the Sygmaa Trihedron; race traitors, biotech virtuosos, and death dealers. Led by the Umbra  martial artists as lethal as they are mysterious, and second in command to the EI  the Combined Army is the most formidable war machine this galaxy has ever witnessed. They are in Paradiso, at the moment, because do you really think Humanity can stop them?