Defence of Ryza Stratagem Cards

Defence of Ryza Stratagem Cards

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Defence of Ryza Stratagem Cards

Key Features

- 26 Stratagem cards for use in Adeptus Titanicus

- Includes 5 Experimental Warfare and 6 Tricks and Tactics

- 15 Legion-specific cards allow you to create your own Titan Legion

Additional Details

The forge world of Ryza is second only to Mars in its splendour. Famed for its innovative plasma technologies, it is a prime target for the Dark Mechanicum and their ally, the Warmaster Horus. As the forces of the traitor Fabricator-General, Kelbor-Hal, attack, Ryza's defenders prepare to sell their lives dearly for their world.

This set of cards includes all 26 Stratagems from the Adeptus Titanicus expansion The Defence of Ryza, giving you a host of new tactical options for your games.


– 15 Crusade Legio-specific Stratagem cards for use in creating your own Titan Legion (in conjunction with the rules in The Defence of Ryza)

– 5 Experimental Warfare Stratagem cards

– 6 Tricks and Tactics Stratagem card