Kill Team Friday

Kill Team Friday

  • £5.00
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Kill Team Fridays is back !!!

Anyone who still has their free entry voucher from the last event can cash that in for  August or September's events only, please contact the store for details.

Masks are required.

Join us at at Bristol Independent Gaming for our regular Friday Night Kill Team Events.

Held on the 2nd Friday of every month play 3 games of Kill Team against 3 different opponents.

Games will be played in accordance with the 'Matched Play' rules on pg62 of the main Kill Team rule manual. This means that you will be allowed to bring a roster of up to 20 models and construct a 100pt kill team from that roster on game by game basis.

A Swiss pairing system scored on a win, loss, draw system with points differential between total points killed over the game being used as a decider.

Time Table: 

5.30-6.00 Registration
6.00-7.00 Game 1
7.00-8.00 Game 2
8.00-9.00 Game 3
9.15 Winner announced

Cost of entry £5 payable in advance through the BIG webstore

Prizes will come from the GW Kill Team OP set and the winner will be awarded £10 worth of store credit.


Times are subject to change.

No refunds will be given