Middle-earth™ Made to Order Collection

Middle-earth™ Made to Order Collection

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Middle-earth™ Made to Order Collection

If you're looking to pick up all of this week’s Made to Order miniatures for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, you can grab the lot with this handy bundle – all with a single click!

This bundle includes the following metal miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel Round Base.

- 1x Ambush at Amon Hen*
- 1x Mounted Witch-king of Angmar (Black Rider)
- 1x Arwen and Frodo (Mounted)
- 1x Frodo & Sam in Orc Armour
- 1x Elladan and Elrohir (Unarmoured)
- 1x Múrin & Drár
- 1x Cave Troll with Chain & Spear
- 1x Cave Troll with Chain & Hammer
- 1x Galadriel, Protectress of Lothlórien
- 1x Mordor Orc Captains
- 1x Círdan

* 10 miniatures, including - 1x Aragorn, 1x Legolas, 1x Gimli, 1x Dying Boromir, 1x Lurtz, 1x Uruk-hai Scout carrying Merry, 1x Uruk-hai Scout carrying Pippin, and 3x Uruk-hai Scouts with Shields

Made to Order
This kit will be available for a limited period of time as part of our Made to Order service. It will be available to order between Saturday 23rd and 6:00pm (GMT) Sunday 31st January. They will then be shipped as soon as we are able, within 180 days of order date. Order now to avoid disappointment.