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Necromunda 25mm Bases

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Necromunda 25mm Bases

Perfect for basing your miniatures to match the grim, industrial feel of Necromunda Underhive, this is a set of 10 25mm plastic bases with sculpted details which match the floor tiles found in the game.

Each pack contains 10 Necromunda bases, with designs supplied at random.

Join us for our first Necromunda event of 2021 link

So finally it's here: Bristol Necromunda's first one day event.
Tales from Port Ruin: The Great Sump Hunt
The event will take place at Bristol Independent Gaming on Sunday the 26th of September.
This is planned to take place at their new location, but this will be confirmed as soon as it can be.
The timings for the day are to be decided, but expect a full day event, starting around 9.30am and finishing around 6.30/7pm.
The draft rules pack is located here and covers the rules for Sump Boats and how to create a gang for the day, as well as special and house rules that will be in use for the campaign day. Please note that this pack can and probably will change, hopefully not too significantly.

The event is limited to 12 places and tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis (I will create a reserve list, and look at the possibility of expanding the number of places should there be demand for it, but it unlikely to grow significantly).
Tickets are £10 and this can be paid to the organiser directly via PayPal at the following address:
Please PM (on FB or Discord) to let me know that you want a ticket and that you have paid.
Put 'Necromunda One Dayer' in the PayPal free text field.
Find Bristol's Necromunda community on Facebook