Uruk-Hai Scouts

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The Uruk-hai Scouts were unleashed from the pits of Orthanc with a single mission – to drag the Ringbearer back to Isengard. Stronger than Orcs and better able to resist the glare of the sun, these warriors were able to run for days on end and still fight with bestial ferocity. Before long, raiding parties of Scouts also roved far into Rohan, laying waste to settlements and driving the people of the Westfold from their homes.

Armed with a mix of shields and Uruk-hai bows (4 of each), this set offers a handy selection of Scouting Uruk-hai to add to your Isengard collection.

This set includes 8 miniatures, comprising a total of 12 metal components, each of which is supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Base.

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