Middle Earth Battle Companies - Week 1: Beginnings of our Battle Company

Week 1:
The Board is set, and the
pieces are moving.

Welcome to our weekly Battle companies campaign update! The new year ushering us in, I decided

to gather, a rag-tag group of MESBG enthusiasts and begin our campaign

throughout Middle-Earth. So, let’s meet the players and the companies they

shall be leading!


Josh - Iron Hills

First up, yours truly has decided to go

with the elite fighting force of the Iron hills starting with 5 total Models My grizzled leader Ragnar Greymane heads the Iron Drakes that venture forth from

their homeland in search of battle and glory! Alongside him, he is joined by

Turin, Gorin, Varick, and Bardin. Not only are these boys tough as nails

boasting Defence 6/7 but they also tip the scales in being both Fight 4 and

Strength 4. That's not bad for a starting force, here’s hoping they can make Dain proud.


Elliot – Isengard

Our next player is Elliott, who has gone

the route of Isengard with his company, The White Hand. Having been gifted an

Isengard battle force box over Christmas, Elliot heard the call to war, leading a whopping total of 7 models. These boys are led by their ferocious leader

Steveluk commands the likes of Grugluk, Snaglak, Dougluk, Mulush Big Kev, and

Krognak. With names like those, they’re sure to do some damage. My money is on Big



Stephen – Rivendell

Our first player hails from the land of Imladris. These graceful

yet deadly Elven brethren form the elite force known as The Blades of Bruinen led by the wise and powerful Muradan the Tall. Following him his

second-in-commands Elthos and Althos along with Maelthwyn and Delthwin.


Ben – Moria Expedition 

A second Dwarf company joins the fray, in the form of Ben's Moria expedition. Blains Oathtakers named after their stout leader. Accompanying him are his two sergeants Theag with his trusty axe and shield, and Nor the keen-eyed ranger. Along with these heroes, the company is made up of Nut the ranger, Throtir with his mighty two-handed axe, and Kerlum. These hardy folk will surely be a challenge.


Henry – Angmar

Our final player is Henry, who brings the second evil faction to the fold. Henry has yet to name his company and its heroes. Yet somehow, that seems to fit with the lackeys of the witch-king. Despite having no names to speak of I can tell you what type of warriors they contain. The force is led by two black Numenorians and an orc with a shield. Joining them are two orcs with a spear, two orcs with a bow, and finally an orc with a shield. Here's hoping they can perform deeds worthy of giving them a name.


Starting Locations


Everyone had rolled a die to see who went first, this is the crucial part of the game as it determines who can secure the most exclusive area. Each red hexagon represents a famous location in middle earth and the player that controls these locations gains a unique bonus to can benefit the player’s company. These include a potential extra warrior that is connected to that Hexagon or bonus points to level up your heroes. Down below you’ll see where everyone began and across the weeks we will continually update this.






Josh - Red


Stephen - Blue


Elliot - Black


Ben - Green


Henry - Orange

Check back next Wednesday for our first round of battles!

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