About Us

Welcome to B-I-G!

It all began in 2014 when we began a journey into the unknown, we decided to move from Plymouth and head to Bristol to begin a new adventure together.

Our mission was to create an inviting, comfortable and enjoyable experience for tabletop gamers in Bristol. Jim's passion for painting minis; building fantastic terrain; and playing and knowing about what amounts to ALL OF THE GAMES, has given Bristol a unique gaming venue and hobby store. As we have grown so has our team we now have Marcus Jones, George Stone, & Raven Parsons working alongside us to create the best experience for all of our visitors!

The Bristol gaming community has created the welcoming atmosphere that we wanted at BIG, and is what keeps us opening the doors against all odds.

We haven't always managed to hit comfortable on the head, anyone who has played at our old Brislington venue in February will have known to bring thermals, but we think that the atmosphere at BIG is one of community, friendship and belonging and that by far made up for any frostbite or hypotheria suffered by hardcore wargamers.

We have been at our new more comfortable venue in Bishopsworth since September 2021, where you will find a fantastic array of gaming tables, terrain and so much more.

We are constantly evolving as a gaming space, creating new terrain for games that you love to play. We are lucky to have Jim's Painting and Printing business working away in the back rooms, creating Star Wars Legion Terrain for events and meetups.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, we’d love to hear from you at .