Tuesday Meet-up Recap 21/2/23

Welcome back all to another weekly blog post, this time we’re catching up with some returning and new players that have been joining us for our weekly meetups on Tuesday, here at B.I.G.! For those who don’t know I run a weekly Middle-Earth meet-up here at B.I.G. from 6 PM, there is no requirement to participate we even have our Armies for new players to use!

First to rock up and play was Mark and Darren, two newcomers to the game who have been playing weekly to better understand the rules and their armies. It is always a pleasure to see new players join the game and hear their take on it. Mark opted to purchase the Isengard Battlehost, with his army being led by Lurtz, whereas Darren bought the Pellenor box to field his Mordor army of Moranons led by Gothmog! It seems that Gothmog himself has been doing good work against the hordes of Isengard so Mark has purchased an Isengard Troll from me to see if it can tip the scales in his favour, I can’t wait to see what carnage it can do!


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Our next table was played by Stephen who this week brought his roommate along to play a quest for the ring bearer scenario. Funny enough I played this scenario when two lovely chaps introduced me to the game a year ago. Stephen to the role of Lurtz and his scouts, while his roommate played the fellowship. Not a bad way to be introduced to the system when your play as some of the best heroes in the game. In traditional LOTR fashion, the fellowship was triumphant!

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Next door to them was regular players Jordan and Jason pitting their Moria against Cirith Ungol! These two often play each other and it becomes somewhat of a regular occurrence. Down below you can see how well it went for Jordan this week. Just look at that smug grin ha-ha!

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Finally, for this week’s table round-up, we had returning meet-up veteran Alex showing the ropes to newcomer Stephen. It seemed like a great pairing with Alex bring the Goblin-town squishy boys, while Stephen showed off his first army, the mighty dwarves of Moria! As I said before it's always great fun to see new players learn the system and more importantly enjoy themselves!

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Check back next week for another weekly blog post. If our Facebook group is anything to go by we will have even more newcomers to show off!

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