BIG TableTop Gaming Demo Day - 2023

BIG TableTop Gaming Demo Day - March 11th 2023

Join us at Bristol Independent Gaming for a day of Demo games and board games!
How does it work?
There are two sessions available, one in the morning 10:00-13:15, and one in the afternoon 14:00-17:15. Entry is £7 a session or £10 for two sessions, or FREE with a BIG March Subscription!
Each session consists of two games.
You can book for the morning and you will be able to try out 2 games, or you can book for the afternoon and try out 2 games!
Or you can book in and play in both sessions and get yourself a fantastic 4 games!
The demo games being run on the day will be listed in the discussion.
One-and-a-half-hour demo slots will be available on a first-come first served basis, there will be four slots per game.
There are exceptions to this so please check individual games for clarity
10:00-11:30 game one
11:45-13:15 game two
13:15-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 game three
15:45-17:15 game four
We will have a selection of filler board and card games available for you to take part in throughout the day as well as the demo's being run.
The event is being run by the BIG Champions! A team of volunteers who are passionate about the game they have chosen to demo on the day.