Carta Glalactica: The Imperium of Mankind

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Carta Galactica: The Imperium of Mankind


"By the Word and Will of the Master of Mankind, Imperator Imperatoris, Terra Regnum, it is hereby decreed that these collected realms and worlds be known in perpetuity as the Imperium of Mankind. This domain shall belong solely to Him on Terra, that His Wisdom might see it endure for all time and unite all of Mankind under His banner." – From the Proclamation of Unity, issued by order of the Emperor after the Triumph at Ullanor.

"We claim that which is our right – the world won with our blood and sacrifice and the power that falls to those with the will to grasp it. This Imperium belongs not to an absent Emperor, but to the warriors that forged it and still fight in its name. These realms and territories known as the Imperium of Mankind I claim in the name of those warriors, so let Horus Lupercal be proclaimed the true Emperor and right master of Mankind." – From the Dark Compliance of Horus, broadcast to all astropathic nexus of the galactic north.

This heavyweight poster map measures 1000mm x 890mm and shows the Imperium of Mankind as it stood during the Horus Heresy, towards the end of the 31st Millenium. This excellent piece of art is the perfect accompaniment for your display of Horus Heresy miniatures, and a worthy addition to any hobby space – or bare-looking wall. It shows a huge amount of detail, including regions of space controlled by Loyalists and Traitors, the location of Warp Storms and Ruinstorms, Legion home planets, Galactic Sectors, the Ghoul Stars, the Halo Stars, as well as the Dark Empire of Horus, including the worlds of Isstvan III and Isstvan V.

Copies of this truly epic piece of artwork are limited in number, and only available while stocks last.