Heroes of the Chapter

Heroes of the Chapter

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Heroes of the Chapter

Space Marine Ancients bear the Chapter's precious standards. These glorious relics have been present in some of the Chapter's most notable battles, their finely worked designs commemorating countless campaigns and heroic deeds. They are symbols of selfless commitment and the unbreakable loyalty of brothers.

Primaris Lieutenants, in addition to being extremely able tacticians and strategists, are highly skilled warriors. Experts in all the lethal firearms of the Intercessors they so often command and fight alongside, they lay down impressive volleys of bolts even as they bellow orders and coordinate their brothers' fire.

Intercessor Squads are capable of laying down punishing fire while advancing or holding ground against the enemy. They have access to a range of bolt weaponry suited to varied battlefield assignments, from engaging enemies at long range to cleansing bunker complexes.

Bolster your Space Marines forces with a collection of Primaris Marines that will add both ranged firepower and a selection of useful bonuses. A pair of Primaris Lieutenants will make your shooting deadlier, while a Primaris Ancient will inspire nearby Space Marines to fight harder, even unto death. A combat squad of Primaris Intercessors will act as a fine bodyguard for any of these heroes, as well as giving you a brutally effective shooting unit.

This kit includes 52 plastic components that build the following models:

- 5x Primaris Intercessors with bolt rifles, including a Sergeant
- 1x Primaris Lieutenant with master-crafted auto bolt rifle
- 1x Primaris Lieutenant with power sword
- 1x Primaris Ancient

The set also includes 5x 32mm round bases and 3x 40mm round bases, as well as a Dark Imperium transfer sheet with 580 decals covering the Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Dark Angels Chapters.

These models were previously available in the Dark Imperium boxed set.