Necrons Royal Court

Necrons Royal Court

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Necrons Royal Court

Across the galaxy, Necrons awaken in their tomb worlds, ready to rise up and reclaim their long-lost empire. Towering metal monstrosities stride to battle alongside calculating Crypteks, leading legions of undying warriors in their final, inevitable conquest.

This set provides you with reinforcements for your Necrons collection. A Skorpekh Lord can lead your force from the front, powerful weapons bringing ruin to your enemies. At his side, a Plasmancer can channel raw energy into searing blasts of firepower, while enslaved Cryptothralls protect their Cryptek master. Should any of them be damaged by impertinent foes, the towering Canoptek Reanimator can repair them, ready to battle on in the name of the Silent King.

This 38-piece plastic kit builds 5 Necrons models:

– 1x Skorpekh Lord
– 1x Canoptek Reanimator
– 1x Plasmancer
– 2x Cryptothralls

The set also includes three 32mm round bases and two 60mm round bases.

The models in this set are push-fit and can be assembled without glue. Rules for them can be found in Codex: Necrons.