The High Priestess- Tarot
The High Priestess- Tarot

The High Priestess- Tarot

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The High Priestess

 Great Grimoire

Fumbling old fingers are pulling a new card from an old time-worn deck.

“The High Priestess! Oh, I see... I see...

Deep within the chambers of sacred, mystery Boaz Jachin temple one can hear a humming noise of time running through its vaults. A woman figure is standing still in the centre of the temple’s nave. Her head wearing a spiked crown sways subtly to the rhythm of a music unheard. Golden mask hid her emotions well for years but tonight there’s no trace of her familiar divine calm. The streams of time entwined. Past, present and future broke over her like one enormous tidal wave. The lunar crescent at her feet is shining so bright like never before. For a brief moment, the Priestess close her eyes.

Retired from the world, for centuries she was protecting the Great Grimoire from the unrighteous, was its one and only guardian. But tonight she feels the wicked hour approaching. The scrolls of the divine law never fail. Tonight the Great Book will get a new keeper.”


All miniatures are printed in Elegoo Standard Grey Resin on an Elegoo Mars 2 Mono Printer with a 0.02 layer height.

This provides a highly detailed paintable resin print

Models are all 32mm scale unless stated otherwise-if you aren't sure please ask

We are currently taking orders for these beautiful miniatures, each one 3D printed to order. Pictures are for reference only actual models will have most supports removed but will still require some clean up and assembly

Current order waiting time for one miniature is:  please allow up to 5 days


Commission Painted miniatures available 

Please contact Bristol Independent Gaming for more information or for multiple prints.