The Jager Brothers- Hunters
The Jager Brothers- Hunters

The Jager Brothers- Hunters

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The Jäger brothers

Great Grimoire

Stories were told of Hans and Jacob, the Jäger brothers. Many times these brave huntsmen came to the aid of the needy and earned a great respect from their fellow villagers.

Once came the days when their home folks started to disappear in the woods. There was a rumour a giant bear, ferocious and blood-thirsty, is out there looking for his prey - yet nobody has seen him. Jacob decided to track the beast down but never returned.
Determined to put an end to this nightmare, Hans entered Sharzwald. For three days and three nights he followed the trails of the beast. Finally, on a midnight hour, he ended up on a forest opening and saw an enormous bear standing over and roaring at a little boy. Hans shouldered his arm and wounded the beast.
The bear ran hell for leather but Hans was a skillful huntsman and finally tracked him down. But before he fired his gun once more, in first rays of the dawn Hans saw the bear turned into Jacob. It appeared that Jacob succeeded in defeating the beast but as soon as he skinned the vanquished foe, the cursed bearskin took over his body and soul.
Hans couldn’t kill his own brother and decided to help. Secretly returned to the village with Jacob, he was going to cure him. But little boy that survived the bear attack brought fellow villagers. Vengeful crowd demanded the blood of the cursed were-bear. While trying to defend his brother, Hans accidentally shot and killed one of the villagers.
Now he’s an outcast and have to live in the heart of the forest. Unable to let his brother fall to the angry mob, he’s still wracking himself with guilt about the innocent blood he had to spill. He swore to protect Schwarzwald from evil whatever the cost - even if it would be the cost of his own life.


All miniatures are printed in Elegoo Standard Grey Resin on an Elegoo Mars 2 Mono Printer with a 0.02 layer height.

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