Thráin the Broken and Gandalf™ the Grey

Thráin the Broken and Gandalf™ the Grey

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Thráin the Broken and Gandalf™ the Grey

One of the few Istari, Gandalf the Grey has been tasked with guiding the Free Peoples of Middle-earth in defeating Evil and restoring peace. To this end, Gandalf advises Thorin Oakenshield to gather together a company of Dwarves to reclaim their homeland from the clutches of the Dragon, Smaug. Gandalf joins them and the plucky Bilbo Baggins on their quest to Erebor – for he fears that if it is not dealt with, then a dark force will seek to gain the Dragon's allegiance.

Captured and tortured, Thráin is now a broken being who can barely remember his name, let alone his proud history and heritage. He’s still dangerous, however, for deep in his damaged mind lies the instincts of a proud Dwarf Warrior.

While Gandalf is one of the most powerful Wizards in all Middle-earth and a potent warrior to boot, Thráin is a wildcard that can fight with berserker strength or turn on his allies. Gandalf can be taken in Thorin’s Company, Survivors of Laketown, The White Council, the Fellowship, and the Shire armies. Thráin can be taken in either The White Council or Dark Powers of Dol Guldur armies. Gandalf can also be assembled with or without his signature hat.

This set contains two resin miniatures: 1x Gandalf the Grey and 1x Thráin the Broken. Each model is supplied with an appropriate base.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly