What lurks in darkness
What lurks in darkness

What lurks in darkness

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What lurks in darkness

Disgustful wet slapping noises are heard from the utmost darkness. Something wicked is coming. At times like this you tend to remember all the weird stories you heard from locals of Mournes county. Some of them told that lord Scarweald sold his soul to the devil in search for the secret of the eternal life right after his wife passed away from mysterious disease. Others insist that he made a pact with notorious smuggler Willie the Eel trying to get the infernal spices from distant lands for his alchemy experiments. Or maybe he’s just a lunatic who keeps overseas animals down in the castle dungeons?..

The footsteps are closing in... Something is dragging over the floor... The shadows are running in the dark corners of the castle dungeon. You can almost smell a foul breath in your face. The silent scream is about to come out of your dry lips. You better pray that it’s only animals...


All miniatures are printed in Elegoo Standard Grey Resin on an Elegoo Mars 2 Mono Printer with a 0.02 layer height.

This provides a highly detailed paintable resin print

Models are all 32mm scale unless stated otherwise-if you aren't sure please ask

We are currently taking orders for these beautiful miniatures, each one 3D printed to order. Pictures are for reference only actual models will have most supports removed but will still require some clean up and assembly

Current order waiting time for one miniature is:  please allow up to 5 days


Commission Painted miniatures available 

Please contact Bristol Independent Gaming for more information or for multiple prints.