Scandinavian Infantry heavy armour Bowmen two-handed axe sword Spear Figures unpainted 28mm Deus Vult

Fireforge: Scandinavian Infantry

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Scandinavian Infantry


This box enables you to build up to 25 Post-Viking Scandinavian Infantry soldiers in heavy armour. You'll be able to build up to 10 Bowmen, and/or up to 10 armed with two-handed axe, and/or up to 5 armed with sword, and/or up to 5 armed with mace, and/or up to 24 armed with Spear. 

Figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly. 28mm sized.

The box contains plastic bases for Deus Vult gaming system:

  • 60mm x 40mm = 4 bases

  • 20mm x 20mm = 6 bases