Forgotten Battles: On The Flanks of Arnhem - BP1836

Forgotten Battles: On The Flanks of Arnhem - BP1836

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BP1836 - Forgotten Battles: On The Flanks of Arnhem


The latest in the Anschluss ‘ Forgotten Battles’ series, this book contains 20 scenarios, surrounding the actions of the British, Canadian, American and Polish forces across North Western Europe  in the campaign to destroy the forces of Nazism.

For most casual followers of World War 2 the only thing they now about this campaign in September of 1944 was Operation Market Garden, the air and ground assault towards Arnhem. This campaign was heroic for both sides, and it is understandable that the failure of the battle for the Allies has had a perverse place of honour in the pantheon of combat in Europe.

But this battle was only a relatively small part of the events along the front. Heroics (and incompetence, if truth be told) were not only to be found on the road to Arnhem. From the contents pages the reader will see how much else was going on... from a fully fledged and major panzer offensive, to 79th Armoured Division (Hobart’s ‘Funnies’) being used en masse at the assault on Le Havre. There is the last cavalry charge on the western front here, along with a series of examples of how not to run a campaign, as the American 7th Armoured Division serially failed to gain its objectives.

Background detail of each and every scenario is present, researched in great depth, all informative and not seen before in print in this detail. The scenarios are designed to be used with any rules system, and any scale from 6mm to 15mm. But don’t expect to win every time... these scenarios are ‘the real thing’. Sometimes it’s how well you lose that makes you a winner!

In this book the reader finds out the what, where, when and why of combat. We would go as far as to say that if you are interested in World War 2, this, and the other books in the series, are for you

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