Bristol Vanguard Presents: Vanguardians 2024

Vanguardians Assemble 2024

11th May - 12th May 

Welcome to Vanguardians Assemble event pack.
After a successful debut in 2022 Vanguardians is back again for 2024.
Vanguardians Assemble is a 4 player 40k Team event running in May 2024.
What’s better than playing 5 games of 40k? Playing 5 games of 40k as a team with three of your mates to take home the coveted best team award.
What: Five 2,000-point games of Warhammer 40,000
Who: Teams of 4 players maximum 12 teams
How does it work: Each team pairs off in four 1 v 1 games with the combined results of each game giving a team score to work out the winner of each round. So, even if you lose your game, you are still contributing to your team score.
When: 11-12th May 2024.
Where: Bristol Independent Gaming, 16 Cater Road, Bishopsworth, BS13 7TW
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