Mischief and Mayhem, Curse of the Were Bunny

March 23rd 2024

cure of the were bunny banner for moonstone event
Join us on the 23rd of March for more Moonstone Mayhem at Bristol Independent Gaming!
5 models drafted in an alternating fashion during deployment at the start of each game with 7 moonstones dropped, games are 90 minutes each. (For more details see the organised play document

If you wish to view this event on Longshanks you can see it here It is set up up so everyone can register themselves, but if you're struggling to do so the organiser know.
1. Tickets:
Tickets are £9.00 which must be paid by PayPal to to secure your place. Please post on the Facebook event page when you have paid.
2. Things to bring:
Up to 8 models belonging to your chosen faction, Measuring implements, Dice, Arcane deck, Melee deck & up-to-date Character Cards in accordance with the most recent errata. (The most up to date character cards can be found here
3. Agenda & Timings:
Registration at 09:45 followed by 4 - 90 minute rounds.
4. Prizes and Goodies:
There will be prizes for first place and best painted troupe!