Return to the Moons of Memlock - Warhammer 30K Tournament

We return to the Moons of Memlock on Saturday 20th of July 2024 with the Loyalists looking for revenge!
Bristol,Vanguard wargaming club presents 30K tournament
Join us for a one-day, 3 game event at Bristol Independent Gaming
All three Missions will be customised missions based on missions from the old Black Books II “Massacre” and IX “Crusade”. Following feedback from last year there will be no “kill point” missions.
Army Composition for the event is:
  • 2500-points limit
  • In accordance with the latest Warhammer 30k rulebook, Libers and any FaQs published 14 days before the event
  • Primarchs allowed (but there is a bounty)
  • Lords of War allowed
  • Allied detachments allowed
  • Legendary/exemplary units allowed
Tickets can be purchased from the Bristol Vanguard Wargaming Club webstore
The event pack can be found here
Join in the tournament chat on the Bristol Vanguard Facebook event page