Star Wars Legion Tournament

Revenge of the Fifth

May the 5th 2024

Bristol based Star Wars Legion Event

Revenge of the fifth star wars legion event
Star Wars Legion: Revenge of the Fifth is a 800 points Star Wars Legion tournament at Bristol Independent Gaming on Sunday 5th May 2024.

First round will be random pairings and swiss pairings for 2nd and 3rd rounds.
Players need to bring all the items needed to play during the day: models, dice, tokens, cards, etc.

Painted armies are not a requirement, but you know painted models shoot and save better!

Proxies are allowed but they need to be clear for your opponent what the unit and heavy/special model is intended to be. Conversions should be similar size and use the same base as the original model.

If in doubt, send an email with pictures to
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Ticket price: £15
Paypal including event and player name in comments to: