Yule Tide Doubles - Warhammer 40K Tournament

Welcome to the Annual BIG 40K Yule Tide Doubles Tournament!

Warhammer 40K players in BRistol Xmas event

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Saturday December 9th 

Firstly we would like to congratulate those who were lucky enough to have gained free entry to this magnificent tournament through skill (or lack thereof) displayed throughout our four Tides of War events run during 2023!
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Now to the nitty gritty!
The cost of the event is £15.00 per person payable via PayPal to :
(please put in the notes the name of entrants and 40Kyule)
You will need a 750 point list that is fully based and painted
No need to submit lists before hand but please ensure that you bring at least 2 copy's of your list so your partner and opponents may view it.

You don't need any friends to play in this event! We find you one on the day!

This tournament will be run using randomly paired doubles. You will be paired at random with another player on the morning of the tournament. We hope this will encourage a relaxed approach to the days games and that you will all have formed great bonds with players you may not otherwise have teamed up with. This approach worked really well at previous years events!

Points will be awarded as follows:

Wearing a Christmas Hat 1pt
Wearing a Christmas Jumper 1pt
Arriving by reindeer driven sleigh 3pts
Win 3pts
Draw 1pt
Loss 0pts

VP's should be recorded as a tie breaker.

The day will consist of three rounds each lasting 2 and half hours.

Registration: 9.30
Game 1: 10.00
Lunch 12.30 to 13.15
Game 2: 13.30 to 16.00
Game 3: 16.15 to 18.45
Awards: 19.00
Prizes will be given for the pair who place
And Best Christmas Hat
Pack subject to change dependent on the mood of the TO
Mince Pies and Xmas snacks will be supplied