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3rd Rates Squadron

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The 3rd Rates Squadron

The 3rd Rates Squadron kit is generic, meaning you can use it to represent ships of any nation. The frame has options for you to customise your ships, in the form of differing figureheads and stern plates; enabling you to make your fleet truly unique.
The 3rd Rates Squadron box contains all you need to get these vessels to the tabletop. These are suitable for navies of any nation. The kit includes a bobbin for rigging your vessels, sails and decals for every nation capable of building & sailing third rates, as well as all the gaming materials for using the vessels in your games of Black Seas.

This box set contains:
3 plastic 3rd Rates
Printed sails
ship cards
Wake markers
Bobbin for rigging
Acetate Ratlines
Sheets of flags & pennants
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