BP1727 - CLASH of Spears

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Rome rises and duty calls! So pick up your shield, brother, and join the fight! Whether you are changing history by blocking Dyonisus and his gang from taking over syracuse or you are just raiding the enemy's herds trying to keep your men fed, CLASH of spears will launch you into the gritty world of skirmish battles in the ancient world!

CLASH of spears is a fast paced, warband level, wargame to be played in 4’ by 4’ tables over 1 to 3 hours.It was designed to be fast and intuitive, while providing realistic feel, tactical depth and high impact decision making. A typical warband includes 30 to 50 miniatures and can be picked from 12 different army lists like Romans, Carthaginians, Greeks, Gauls, Iberians and more...

The CLASH of spears Ruleset is a hard cover, full color, book of 156 pages.