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Black stone Fortress: AUGUR OF DESPAIR (AUDIOBOOK)

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Bored of the commute to work already? 

Do not despair Games Workshop have the Augur of Despair on Audio book for you to pop in your CD player and cheer yourself up on the drive, if you are spending your commute on public transport why not ask the driver to pop it on for everyone to listen to?*

* they probably need an entertainment license to do this

*also please don't distract your driver

* Bristol Independent Gaming and all those associated with Bristol Independent Gaming hold no responsibility for your actions after you purchase this item...or before 


A Blackstone Fortress audio drama

A pair of explorers discover a dangerous, and invaluable, artefact deep in the Blackstone Fortress. Can they get it to safety? And even if they do, can they trust the allies they must rely upon to help them understand it?

Find out how some of the newer explorers in the Blackstone Fortress go about their adventures – and what they seek in the darkness. With thrilling action and character drama on the fortress and Precipice, this is a must-listen for all fans of the Blackstone Fortress game.

The Blackstone Fortress is silent no longer. Through heretical rituals, the followers of the risen Obsidius Mallex have activated more of the Talisman of Vaul’s apocalyptic weapons and created a corrupted citadel in the heart of the fortress itself. Where once only the most desperate and determined adventurers struck out into the Unfathomable in search of riches, now a new breed of explorer delves into the Blackstone to do battle with the forces of the Ruinous Powers. It is on one such expedition that Neyam Shai Murad and Gotfret de Montbard discover an artefact that could tip the balance of power, and save not only Precipice, but the Imperium itself…

Written by Chris Dows. Running time 55 minutes. Performed by Tom Alexander, Lanna Joffrey, Luis Soto and Andrew Wincott.