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The year is 1795. A great Rent has torn open reality and sunk most of Europe beneath the waves. Only one place stands untouched by the calamity: Venice.

By day the city bustles, the Queen of the Adriatic taking pride of place once again as the West's capital of trade. However, by night Venice takes on a darker persona, both figuratively and literally masking itself. Gangs stalk the canals looking for blood, the clandestine secret societies making themselves known to fight for their own corner of the city.

But more sinister still, the Rent in the Sky has opened the path for otherwordly phenomena. Magic spills out from a world beyond the veil, bringing with it creatures devoted to ancient deities. Deities who look on the burgeoning Venetian empire and smile and the madness unfolding.

Carnevale is a small scale skirmish game focused on freedom of movement combined with brutal combat and impressive magical abilities. Jump from rooftop to rooftop to hunt your opponent's gang, or dive deep into the canals to drown your enemies.

Written by New York Times Bestselling author Gav Thorpe and Lewis Clarke, this book contains everything you need to jump into the world of Carnevale, including extensive background and full rules for playing games in the streets of Venice.

Standing at 240 pages, this softback rulebook is an absolute tome! With over half of the book dedicated to the rich background of Carnevale, it contains dozens of pages on the emergence of the Rent in the Sky, a section on the geography of Venice and what's happening in the rest of the world, a complete timeline of events leading up to 1795, and a section on each faction vying for control of the city.

The rules of the game are easy to pick up but hard to master, the main rules span over 20 pages, complete with example and diagrams, teaching you everything you need to play.

There are also a colossal 35 scenarios in the book, linked together into 7 different campaigns, with specific campaigns following the story of each faction. Each scenario has special rules and a simple diagram showing how to set up the game.

Finally there's a complete reference section, detailing equipment options, 35 magic spells, 35 Agendas, quick reference, and even optional rules.

The whole book is printed in full colour, with gorgeous artwork and photos on each page helping to set the tone of the game - one of lavish eccentricities and brilliant colours tinged with a darkness and madness that comes from the realm beyond the Rent in the Sky.