Flexible Magnetic A4 Sheet

Flexible Magnetic A4 Sheet

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MagFlex® 25mm x 25mm Self Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Squares - 96 per A4 Sheet

MagFlex® self-adhesive magnetic squares, ideal for making displays or transporting your forces safely and securely

  • A4 sheet - 297mm x 210mm x 0.85mm thick.
  • Magnetic on one side, adhesive on the other.
  • Striped North-South magnetic field.
  • 3M™ 9448 self-adhesive .
  • 40g/cm2 pull.
  • Compatible with Inkjet printers

Made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly EN71 material, our self-adhesive, flexible magnetic sheets are easily cut making their creative uses endless. Whether you are a craft enthusiast, want to create your own signs or make your artwork or photos magnetic you will find our MagFlex® sheets really useful. Because they are much less powerful than 'hard' Neodymium magnets they are much easier to handle and work with. What's more, each sheet can be rolled to a 1/2 inch (12.7mm) diameter without cracking.