Fluxx- The card game

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Fluxx- The card game

The smash-hit casual card game where the rules are constantly changing!

Fluxx 5.0 from Looney labs is a fun-filled chaotic card game with elements of hand management and set collection. Fluxx is an immensely fun game where the balance in the game can shift and change on each player’s turn. In Fluxx both the rules and the goal of the game change throughout and so you have a game that is in constant Fluxx.

In the box are 100 cards and the rules. There are four key types of card, new rules cards, goal cards, keeper cards and actions.

New rules are simple they add a new rule to the game, depending on the rule they may form rule chains or may replace a previous rule. Rules are in effect immediately they are played and as such the game can change dramatically, a player holding cards that could lead to a win may be forced to discard them.

Keeper cards have items drawn on them and are required to be played and paired with other keeper cards to meet a goal card objective.

Goal cards, in the main illustrate two keeper cards required to win the game. If a player has the two keepers required in play, they win the game immediately.

Action cards provide one off opportunities for players to change the flow of the game. They may remove a rule or have a positive or negative action for one or all players.

Setup is simple, shuffle the deck and deal 3 cards to each player. Place the starting rule card on the table and start.

The core rule is draw 1 card, play 1, but as soon as new rules and goal cards are played the game changes.

Fluxx brings something new a game that continually changes and the chaos that ensues is so much fun.

Number of players 2-6
Game time 5-30 mins
Age Range 8+