P3 Paints

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Formulated for the ultimate hobby experience

Developed and used by the leading professionals in the hobby miniatures industry, Formula P3 paints.

Great Colors:

The key colors for WARMACHINE and HORDES come in base and highlight shades to make their application intuitive.

Workable Drying Time:

With an extended drying time, you can blend and mix paints without fear of wasting your paint or employing retardants or flow extenders.

Wear Resistant:

The formula dries to a hard and satin finish resistant to chipping. You won't fear handling your finished miniatures.

Liquid Pigment:

Unlike other paints, Formula P3 uses liquid pigments. It never separates when thinned and retains brightness after thinning and drying.

Superior Coverage:

Formula P3 often covers in a single coat - even over a black undercoat.