Frog princess

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Frog princess


Vasilisa the Wise was a sorceress, enchanted by her father, Koschei the Deathless, for having surpassed him in the art of witchcraft. Forced to spend three years in a frog's skin for disobeying Koschei, she was desperately waiting for a prince to come and save her from an evil curse. And she almost succeeded to break evil spells - just like an old witch once told her.

One day Prince Ivan shot his arrow into a swamp. When he went there to find it, he found a frog holding the arrow in its mouth - not knowing it was Vasilisa waiting for her fate to come. As earlier Ivan promised his father to marry whoever lives at the place where his arrow lands, he kept his bargain and treated the frog as if she were a princess.

As time went by she knew a way to transform into human form by shedding the frog skin and becoming beautiful girl - but only during a day. One day Ivan found out his wife secret. Willing to finally break the curse, he's waited for the right moment, stole the Frog Princess' shedded skin and burnt it, to her dismay. Had the prince been patient, his wife would have been freed but instead she stuck in-between: half-woman, half-frog. Not all the fairy tales end well, you know...


All miniatures are printed in Elegoo Standard Grey Resin on an Elegoo Mars 2 Mono Printer with a 0.02 layer height.

This provides a highly detailed paintable resin print

Models are all 32mm scale unless stated otherwise-if you aren't sure please ask

We are currently taking orders for these beautiful miniatures, each one 3D printed to order. Pictures are for reference only actual models will have most supports removed but will still require some clean up and assembly

Current order waiting time for one miniature is:  please allow up to 5 days


Commission Painted miniatures available 

Please contact Bristol Independent Gaming for more information or for multiple prints.