Magic Maze Hidden Roles

Magic Maze Hidden Roles

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Magic Maze Hidden Roles

There is a traitor in your midst!

In this expansion of Magic Maze – your group of adventurers is still trying to grab the correct items and exit the maze, but one person is trying the thwart the team from exiting. BUT they will need to be sneaky if they get called out during the game, then someone else will steal their direction card and take charge.

Can you make others help you achieve your hidden goal?

What’s in the box?

  • 53 Role cards
  • One “I’ve got my eye on you” card
  • Two warning cards

How to play

Hidden Roles is an expansion to Magic Maze. It is designed to increase interaction in Magic Maze and make it a semi-cooperative game. Each player receives a secret role, possibly becoming a traitor, or getting a secret mission, or following their own special rules.

Like Magic Maze, the expansion is divided into five difficulty levels so you can learn the game gradually.

Level 1 – There is a traitor among you, play with the cards labelled ‘A.’ One person will play as the traitor, and the others must be the heroes.

Level 2 – Multiple traitors, play with the cards labelled ‘B.’ Now there are between zero and three traitors in the game.

Level 3 – Missions and special rules, play with the cards marked ‘C.’ Here there will be traitors and you will need to complete missions with special rules.

Level 4 – Particular Circumstances, play with cards labelled ‘D.’ Here the traoitor can switch sides during the game when special conditions are met.

Level 5 – Missions for traitors, play with the cards labelled ‘E.’ this gives traitors secret missions that they must complete.


You will need silent cooperation to win this game!