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Tomb Blades are the perfect unit for taking out your enemy's most irritating units. People who fight against your Necron army imagine them to be an implacable wall of metal, which advances steadily across the battlefield. Your enemies will be pretty surprised, therefore, when a wave of razor-sharp, fast-moving Tomb Blades descend from the sky and mow down their troops with concentrated tesla fire. 

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 162 components with which to build three Necron Tomb Blades. This set comes with 2 small flying stems, 2 long flying stems, 3 small flying bases and 2 Necron transfer sheets.


Why not try out some Colorshift paints from our Greenstuff World collection, take a look at Jim's Video where he tells you what he has achieved on his Necrons from the Indomitus box set using 'Burning Gold' (available in set 1)