One-Night-Ultimate-Werewolf- social; deduction card game

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf

The classic game of deduction and hidden roles, reimagined as a lightning-quick party game with no elimination and no moderator

Hidden roles are handed out to the players who then take a peek at who they are before entering the first night, when they re-awake will there have been a death in the village, can they deduce who the werewolf or wolves are before their time runs out and the night falls once more?

With a variety of roles sneaking around in the night playing havoc with everyone's given roles, will you be turned into a werewolf and put to death all the while believing yourself to be an innocent villager?


A fun game of social deduction and deception which can be played in groups of 3 - 10 players, there is a downloadable app to act as the moderator if everyone wants to join in or one player can narrate the nightime sequence