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Perry Miniatures-French Napoleonic Infantry Battalion 1807-1814

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Perry Miniatures-French Napoleonic Infantry Battalion1807-1814

French Napoleonic Infantry 1804-1807 

In 1804 to 1807 the French Infantry unit that fought a series of very victorious battles and consisted mainly of Fusiliers, which were the main bulk of the battalion. The Fusiliers could march hard and fast, which was an advantage for Napoleon against his enemies as they would expand into a line to fire when in range. The unit also included Voltigeur's and the Grenadiers, the Voltigeur's were the light company of the Battalion and were simply added for flexibility, their main role was to swarm the attacking column to minimise the opposing firing line. The final part of the Infantry unit was the Grenadiers who were the elite members of the force, they were big men chosen for bravery and were used to tip the balance when needed on the battlefield. At the time they would wear long-tailed blue coats with red cuffs and collars and a Bicorne hat, until 1807 when it was replaced with the Shako.


  • 60x French Napoleonic 1804-07 Miniatures

Please note: Models are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

Make sure you pick up glue and paints, we recommend Contacta professional plastic glue