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Rohan™ Stronghold

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Rohan™ Stronghold

Rohan has seen much war and turmoil in its relatively brief history, and many watchtowers and small forts have been erected across the Riddermark to warn and protect its people from attack. The most formidable strongholds are large walled settlements that maintain permanent garrisons of Rohirrim, and represent commanding places of strength from which the Riders of Rohan can sally forth to protect their land and people against the encroaching threat of Isengard.

This set includes the following modular, multipart plastic terrain kits, all for considerably less that buying them separately:

- 2x Rohan Watchtower & Palisades
- 6x Rohan Houses

These kits include the parts to build the following terrain elements:

- 2x Rohan Watchtower
- 8x Palisade Walls
- 2x Palisade Gate
- 4x Palisade Ladders
- 2x Watchtower Ladder
- 6x Rohan Houses

Each Palisade includes a walkway that is 25mm wide to accommodate archers or other infantry manning the walls. The Palisade Gate can be assembled to open or close freely, and can hold a removable crossbeam with which the defenders can lock the gate.

These terrain kits are comprised of 680 components. This scenery is supplied unpainted and requires assembly