Sparmax TC-610H Plus compressor
Sparmax TC-610H Plus compressor

Sparmax TC-610H Plus compressor

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The Sparmax TC-610H Plus is an updated version of the popular The Sparmax TC-610H Plus is an updated version of the popular TC-610H compressor, featuring a stylish case design with top mounted pressure regulator, pressure gauge & detachable twin airbrush holders.

The TC-610H Plus compressor provides a powerful airflow (23-28 lpm), which can meet the needs of airbrush enthusiasts and professionals alike. It features a 2.5L air tank system which helps to provide a consistent airflow with minimal pulsations. It has ample power for any airbrushing task and is suitable for professional airbrush users doing general or extended airbrush applications.

Being automatic, when the TC-610H's air tank pressure falls below 40psi, the compressor runs to recharge the tank back to 60psi and then switches off - the compressor runs to the demand of the air tank, rather than switching on/off every time the airbrush trigger is pressed.

The TC-610H Plus is enclosed in a sturdy steel case with carrying handle, making storing and transporting more convenient, allowing you to personalize its surface in any way you want.

The TC-610H Plus is fitted with an adjustable pressure regulator / moisture filter and pressure gauge set. The pressure regulator has 2 x 1/8 BSP outlets (1 x blanking cover included) & is supplied with a 3M braided 1/8 BSP hose.

Supplied with hose adapters for Aztek, Badger & Paasche airbrushes.