tabletop scenics mini-mould

tabletop scenics mini-mould

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Tabletop scenics mini-mould

A blister pack of cloning technology! The future is NOW

Isn't it annoying when your favourite miniature company (us, right?) only provides you with one of those really important bits? A widget or a doohickey. And then - sod's law - you go and drop it on the carpet and it falls into that mysterious realm that all bits go to. It's gone forever until you move house.

Imagine if you'd have cloned that all-important piece. With Mini-Mould you can!

Mini-Mould is heat-activated plastic. The small beads melt together when put in hot water, and can be mushed round miniature parts to make moulds. Mini-moulds! Simply wait for the Mini-mould to set, take your bit out, and then push some modelling putty into the mould. Once it's cured, pop it out and use it however you see fit!*

This pack contains 50g of Mini-Mould, which is reusable!

*Please don't eat it though.