Unlock! 6 A Timeless Adventure

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Unlock! 6 A Timeless Adventure

The sixth instalment in the Unlock! Series. These are co-operative escape room style games which can be played with a deck of cards and a companion app.

Unlock 6! Timeless Adventures features three new mysteries:

The Noside Show
Arsene Lupin and the Great White Diamond
Lost in the Time Warp

In the Noside Show, a circus is coming to your town. However, the evil Professor Noside is preparing to sabotage the show. You have to speak to various performers and explore different areas of the circus to try and stop him.

Arsene Lupin has set a challenge for all of the orphan gangs in Paris. If they can find the great white diamond if he has hidden he will hire them to work for him and their days of worry will be over. Can you lead your gang of orphans to find the great white diamond before everyone else?

Lost in the Time Warp is an adventure set not just in different places but in different times too. Your friend, Professor Tempus has created a time machine but has gone missing. You must find him and bring him back. But each of your actions in the past can have consequences in the present and future so tread carefully.

Each adventure comes as a separate deck of cards. At the start of the adventure the top card which will reveal some clues to get you going. It is then up to you to solve the scenario, whether by combining objects on different cards, or solving puzzles to make a machine work. The solutions are numbers which will lead you to other cards. If you are correct you will unlock new cards. If you are wrong you may get landed with a time penalty. To add tension, the app sets a timer of an hour for you to complete the mystery. You can continue if you have not solved the scenario within the hour but this adds an escape room feel.

Player Count: 1 – 6
Time: 60 minutes
Age: 10+