Unmatched –  Redemption Row

Unmatched – Redemption Row

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Marvels most tortured heroes… step into Redemption Row.

A battle between unlikely heroes Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Luke Cage has broken out on the Raft! Duel it out with these brilliant Marvel characters as you seek the ultimate prize…redemption. Pack punches on titanium, rain hellfire and bring multiple identities in a fight to the bitter end.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 double-sided game board
  • 3 characters
  • 1 sidekick token
  • 4 health dials
  • 95 cards
  • 5 hellfire tokens
  • 3 scheme tokens
  • 3 combat tokens

How to play:

Take control of your favourite Marvel characters in another Unmatched battle… this time the fight is on a raft in Redemption Row.

This instalment brings some of the most tortured Marvel characters into the arena each with their unique deck of cards. Moon Knight shifts through three identities, leveraging the power of each. Ghost Rider channels Hellfire to further fuel his deck. When you come at Luke Cage, you best pack a punch against his titanium-like skin. Duel it out on the raft battle map that features tokens to aid these heroes in battle.

Players take turns moving their fighters on the battlefield, playing schemes, and attacking their opponent’s fighters.

On your turn, you must take 2 actions; you cannot skip an action. You may choose two different actions or the same action twice. The possible actions are:

Manoeuver: when you take the manoeuvre action, you first draw the top card of your deck, then you may move your fighters.

Attack: when you take the attack action, you must declare which of your fighters is performing the attack; they are the active fighter. You may not take the attack action if you do not have an attack card in hand or if none of your fighters have valid targets to attack.

Scheme: when you take the scheme action, you choose a scheme card from your hand and play it onto the table, face up. You must declare which of your fighters is playing the scheme card. Each card in your deck indicates which fighters are allowed to play it.

You have a hand limit of seven cards. At the end of your turn, if you have more than seven cards in your hand, you must discard down to seven cards, placing any discarded cards in your discard pile. Then it is your opponent’s turn.

Reduce your opponents health to ZERO and you are the winner!


You can mix and match characters from any Unmatched set! Try the other Marvel edition: Hells Kitchen to continue the brawl!